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Welcome to our GetitRight site, yes our site- your contribution makes it possible for us to keep serving our readers with new contents,

we are always looking for new individuals whether professionals, teachers, blog writers, devotee Christians or just a regular person with a story to share. If you have got an idea that will challenge our readers and inform our readers from a new perspective, we want to hear from you. If you are interested in learning to write for us at GetitRight, you can get started with our guidelines below. Before we begin, may I advise you to check out our vision, mission and what we do at about us section.

Articles guide

Have you been through a time when you are faced with challenges in your relationships, looking for a partner or raising up a family? What has God done through or taught you that will inspire, correct or guide others? Your experience and teaching could help someone else avoid making some mistakes and

ultimately lead them into making the right choice.

GetitRight articles are almost always told in the first person, and are spoken in honesty and humility.

GetitRight articles is targeted to both Christians and everyone, therefore, we have three types of article.

Teaching article

In this section, you are required to make reference to text chapter and verse in the bible to support your teaching as GetitRight is aimed at all Christian denominations. For example, “we as Christians should share our faith with everyone every time opportunity arises as Jesus commanded us (Mark 16.15)

Experience & educational article

In this section, you could draw from your experience, or share something you walked through that has really challenged you, encouraged you, frustrated you or changed your outlook on life in some important way. However, you may choose to not support your article with bible verses. We love to hear how you have succeeded. Moreover, we are interested in you sharing the mistakes you have made, heartaches you have experienced and the lessons you have learnt through those experiences.

Your love story

How you met your wife or husband.

Some articles are written by experts in their field: Relationship speakers, fitness instructor, teachers, pastors and family coach. If you have credentials to write for one of the categories on GetitRight, we would love to hear from you too!

GetitRight Articles fits into one of these categories

1. Christian singleness.

2. Courtship.

3. Marriage.

4. Family: Children Upbringing

Submission Guidelines

Send any query to admin@getitright.org.uk. Submission must be original content and less than 1000words. We only accept attachment from adobe, Microsoft word or the ones included in the body of the email.

Please include:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. A sample or two of your writing or a link to your blog or website if applicable.
  3. The intended category section. (See above)
  4. A brief bio about you of 100 words or less and a head-shot photo of yourself
  5. Your Church, denominations or place of worship
  6. Your relationship status


Convey your message to the readers in a chronological order.

Avoid using big words such as the one above, I know!

Use great and catchy headlines, do not worry if you can’t come up with one. The one you have in mind is just as good, tell the world about it!

Write in your style, that is what makes each of our author’s unique.

After publication

Stick around to engage with the discussion by responding to reader’s comments.

Post a sample on your blog and invite people to read the rest at GetitRight.

Share your article on social media and invite your friends to share it too!

We are also an event based Charity that focus on bringing singles together from different denominations and provide talks, workshop for married couple. We may invite you to our event to teach or give workshops in the United Kingdom. If you would like to know more about this opportunity you can email


Reply Time

We appreciate your submission, our team will try our best to respond to every email.

Please give us about 3-4 weeks before following up on your previous email.


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