Tips for getting marriage right 1st time

Tips for getting it right for the first time in Marriage

  1. Making the right choice by seeking God’s face before making the first move. (Genesis 4:7) Self-conviction that you are prepared and ready to start the journey
  2. Understanding what marriage is all about.Respect for the institution of marriage through written (Bible) and unwritten constitution (what society makes you believe about marriage
  3. Respect for one another in marriage
  4. Take time to know one another do’s and don’t
  5. Understand each individual background, family and cultural belief
  6. Build the relationship on love, truth, integrity and honesty
  7. Have understanding of the word “commitment”
  8. Let there be the fear of the lord in the marriage
  9. See two individuals as one

Written by Banji Adeniran


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We believe that marriage, as an institution, is a gift from God, a permanent and a lifelong commitment between one man as husband and one woman as wife in covenant commitment to love each other for better or for worse till death do them part.

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